Andrew Parkhurst's call to curb speeding on our rural roads

In recent weeks there has been a big increase in reports of speeding and other dangerous driving through our villages, with the elderly and children being particularly vulnerable.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate Andrew Parkhurst says: “Our village centres should be safe spaces for pedestrians rather than resembling race tracks where those on foot have had to literally jump out of the way of speeding vehicles.

“We shouldn’t have to wait until someone is killed or seriously injured before action is taken.

“It is important though that any measures taken enhance the appearance and atmosphere of our villages so I would really like to hear your views on how this can be achieved.”

Reporting Incidents
"If the person who is suspected of speeding or driving dangerously is known to you the best course of action may be a quiet word with the person concerned as they may not realise that their driving is a problem and the matter can be easily resolved.

"Other incidents should be reported to North Wales Police though as reported incidents carry more weight than anecdotal evidence.

"You only need the location, time, date and vehicle description (but the more information the better). To do this phone 101 or go to:

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