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Our Chance to Put Recovery First

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted fundamental problems in our society where poverty, inequality and inadequate healthcare are all too common.

I am standing in this election because I believe we can do better.

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Making Waves!

Climate change is the greatest threat facing this generation. I was therefore delighted to have taken part in Marine Energy Wales hustings this morning.

There is so much potential to generate clean electricity from the forces of nature around our shores and, at the same time, revitalise our coastal towns and communities.

See below how Welsh Lib Dems will make waves and get the tide rolling!

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Flintshire Lib Dems launch Senedd election campaign with pledge to get Fair Funding for Flintshire

Welsh Lib Dem Senedd election candidates Andrew Parkhurst and Chris Twells will Put Recovery First by getting fair funding for Flintshire.

Chris Twells, Welsh Lib Dem Candidate for Alyn & Deeside and lead candidate for the North Wales Regional List says: “Under the Labour dominated Senedd, Flintshire has been short-changed by Cardiff Bay.   

“With Flintshire’s growing unemployment and social needs, it cannot be fair that the largest funding increases are generally going to Labour-run local authorities in South Wales.

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Andrew Parkhurst calls for Health Recovery Plan

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, health care staff have put the interests of their patients ahead of their own safety and welfare.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate Andrew Parkhurst says:

“The selfless dedication of our medical and social care heroes should always be adequately recognised and rewarded, but even more so now after so many have done so much for us and our loved ones.

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Andrew Parkhurst yn galw am weithredu i atal pobl rhag goryrru ar ein ffyrdd gwledig

Yn ystod yr wythnosau diwethaf, bu cynnydd mawr yn yr adroddiadau ynghylch goryrru a gyrru peryglus trwy ein pentrefi, gyda'r henoed a phlant yn agored i’w niweidio.

Dywed Andrew Parkhurst: “Dylai canol ein pentrefi fod yn fannau diogel i gerddwyr yn hytrach nag ymdebygu i draciau rasio lle mae cerddwyr, yn llythrennol, wedi gorfod neidio o ffordd cerbydau sy’n goryrru.

“Ni ddylem orfod aros nes bod rhywun yn cael ei ladd neu ei anafu’n ddifrifol cyn cymryd camau.

“Mae'n bwysig serch hynny bod unrhyw fesurau a gymerir yn gwella ymddangosiad ac awyrgylch ein pentrefi felly hoffwn glywed eich barn ynglŷn â sut y gellir cyflawni hyn.”

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Andrew Parkhurst's call to curb speeding on our rural roads

In recent weeks there has been a big increase in reports of speeding and other dangerous driving through our villages, with the elderly and children being particularly vulnerable.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate Andrew Parkhurst says: “Our village centres should be safe spaces for pedestrians rather than resembling race tracks where those on foot have had to literally jump out of the way of speeding vehicles.

“We shouldn’t have to wait until someone is killed or seriously injured before action is taken.

“It is important though that any measures taken enhance the appearance and atmosphere of our villages so I would really like to hear your views on how this can be achieved.”

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Tory Budget Targets Lowest Earners for Greatest Pain

On first sight there seems little in Rishi Sunak’s budget to scare the horses. With tax threshold increases delayed and Covid support continuing for the time being, Sunak has avoided an immediate hit to families’ wallets.

Look below the surface though and what becomes apparent is that those on the lowest incomes will suffer the most once the measures outlined in the budget kick in.

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Wales’ towns and villages are the beating heart of local economies on which many jobs and the social fabric of our society depends.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidate Andrew Parkhurst says, “Covid has hit retail and hospitality disproportionately hard, and many of our high streets need urgent life support to survive.

“From talking to local businesses it is clear that business rates are unfair and hinder innovation and enterprise, and place an unfair burden particularly on smaller businesses.

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